Thursday, 1 March 2012

On the Road-Finally!!

Well, it had to happen, we actually left town!! Here is a recap of our adventure so far.

Firstly, we encountered a few problems before we left Vancouver. Flat tire in Langley. Upon fixing the flat tire, it was discovered that one of the CV boots on the front was torn, so that repair had to be done ($593). This put our departure behind by 1/2 day, but we did leave on Wednesday, as planned. We only made it to Centralia WA on Wednesday night. It also snowed quite a bit, so definitely time to pull over, AND, the same tire was now shot so we had to have it replaced on Thursday morning (thanks to Joe @ Les Schwab Tires!)

We have made it as far as Port Orford OR, about 65 miles north of the CA border. Total surfing area (.....Josh, heads up here we think you might just like this area!!)

Our hotel is right up the hill from this spot. So nice. It is amazing to hear the surf pounding. We walked around but it was getting late and pretty cold so time to head back up to the motel.

Picture below is from earlier in the day at the Oregon Dunes Nat'l Park area..... 

So, we ARE finally on the way!! We would like also to thank everyone, family and friends, for listening, patiently, to our plans for a L-O-N-G time now. We know that, at times, you were probably all ready to wring our necks and we appreciate everyone's input and ideas!

Most importantly to us is the love and support of our kids. Without their support and encouragement, we may not have been brave enough to strike out like this, where ever the road leads us. Thanks Teagan & Shawn and Josh & Kathy, we L-O-V-E you guys so much!! Special thanks also to our Moms (Helen & Nadyne - love you both)

Talk tomorrow. Time for tea!!  


  1. Today's pictures are great. CCalifornia here you come!! Have a great travel day tomorrow.

  2. Finally! Best of luck to you travels!

  3. Hurry and get to that sunshine! Sorry about the hiccup on your travel, hope it is the only one! We had a slight hiccup too but still on the path to sunshine! Lead us by example please!

  4. Found your blog from Kevin and Ruth's. Nice to see that you're on your way to your great adventure! We will be enjoying the trip, and thanks for sharing. Here in Eugene, Oregon it's been cold, and rainy and snowy and grey! Sure do enjoy seeing the sunshine in your photos! Looking forward to much more! Thanks.