Saturday, 24 March 2012

Mulege (Day 4)

Not much happening today. We rode back into the icehouse and had to pick up another block. It is quite the challenge riding in on the sand/dirt road. Doug came up with a way to strap the little cooler on the back of his bike so we could bring back the ice and it worked!  The "iceman" recognized us from the other day and really liked our bikes but he thought we should have motors on them!

Everytime we ride by this little house, their two dogs run out barking their heads off. Well, I guess after us going in and out twice now, they finally figured out that we weren't worthy anymore so on the way back from getting ice, they never even lifted their heads!! (...from under the truck that is!!)

Now, onto another "gourmet dinner"....complete with a fancy view! We ate inside tonight because the wind came up and was blowing our dinner things all over, but here's the view from inside!

Anyway, tomorrow we are leaving this lovely little slice of paradise. Hopefully, we will be back. We may be in the Bahia Concepcion or Loreto. We will let you all know!!

We have certainly enjoyed our time here with Ray & Favi. They are wonderful hosts. Anyone travelling through this area MUST come and stay at Hacienda de la Habana!!

Scrabble tonight and I must say, it was a hard fought battle. Here is the current score:

Nancy's day's without makeup: 16 
Scrabble Wins: Doug 6 - Nancy 3

Thanks for checking in on the blog! Not much new to report but we can always feel you all in spirit!! 


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