Friday, 23 March 2012

Mulege (Day 3)

What if we never left???.......Just asking???

We looked around at the town and this place and asked ourselves today, just because you like Canada and want to stay in the Okanagan, are you doing yourselves a disservice by not exploring more or does it just mean you like where you are? That's how we feel today. We could build a house here, right HERE where we are for about $25,000 Cdn and have a house. Pool around the corner. Yes, we know that there is much more to explore. There is for Canada too, and we have never done that either! Again.....just asking?? We could still explore Mexico and come back here couldn't we?

Anyway, our day was great, not too much on the agenda, just the way we like it:

On our way to dinner....

Okay, how cool is it that the MAYOR of Mulege is the band leader at this restaurant!!??

Ray, the owner of the restaurant & RV park.....remember, we don't want  to EVER leave!!

This lovely little family sat beside us tonight. Benny (Dad), Sandra (Mom), Adrienne, Jorge & Brianna. The dad lives in San Diego and the mom and kids live in Tijauna. He is currently trying to get them into the U.S. so they can live as a family, but so far, the government will not allow them. She has a very sucessful business in Tijuana but still the government of the U.S. says "No". You have to wonder why they are keeping this family apart. They were very nice. Made us remember what it was like to have little kids at a nice Friday night dinner! We miss our kids!!

The mayor of Mulege is the singer and guitar player in this little band. Ray told us that when he was running for mayor, he said that if he was elected he still wanted to be able to sing on Friday nights at Ray's Place. How cool is that? Our Ray, he is one connected guy here in Mulege!!

Anyway, that was it for our day. Like we said, we didn't do much and that was the best part of the day! I think we got the breakfast dishes washed up by about 3:30 pm. Well, we had to get them done before we went for dinner, didn't we??

We have definitely learned that this is a simple life that we are leading. We really don't need anything but each other, some sun, some drinks and some fun. There were so many stars in the sky when we walked back that it was impossible to count them. We wished we knew more about them. Maybe that, along with Spanish is what we should be worrying about!! Even sitting here in the van, you can smell the orange blossoms in the evening air. Definitely a simple life......

Anyway, sorry to disappoint, but NO Scrabble again. I know we have really fallen off the wagon, but we will get back at it, promise!! We will be here one more day and then we will peel ourselves away on Sunday.

We miss you all and wish you could all hold hands with us and count all those stars.....go outside and see if you can see the same ones, okay??

Still no make-up, the stars don't care!!


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