Thursday, 22 March 2012

Mulege (Day 2)

Okay, I will admit, I told Doug that if we stayed another day, he would have to bury me here and I guess, that is right. So all who love me, come and have my wake here, please!!!!  I feel like I never want to leave!!

First, let's start with the chores of the day:

That making orange juice is ALWAYS such a chore!
Danna, please note the tablecloth!!!

Okay, we are sad, because this is how we remember what day of the week it is!

Time for the Mexican nail manicure, ala Nancy!

Filling up with fresh drinking water...

So, after doing "all" our chores this morning, we pretty much had exhausted ourselves and lounged around reading our books. Then we decided that a ride into town was on the agenda. Pretty sandy, soft road, so it was quite amusing to see us skittering around on our bikes, but we made it into town, about 20 minutes:

Okay, we were still smiling, but it was only half way into the "sand trap" trip to town!!

Nope, it wasn't open but it sure had a pretty new paint job!!

Welcome to Mulege, BCS!!

The little park across from the primary school was all decorated today in ribbons.
Don't know why but it sure was pretty!!

Churches are always open for prayer.

Cindy & Bruce- tell Craig to come down here and be a firefighter! No more cold!!

Last chore of the day - strap on MORE beer and ride home!!

After early 35 years of marriage, I did something I had never done before...PAY someone to do our laundry. (yes, even the undies!!) We dropped it off yesterday and when we were in town today, we paid for the laundry then one of the nice people that are staying here was also in town and they brought it back for us and dropped it off at our van. Can't beat that!! And tell me again, why have I been doing laundry all these years?? And it smelled SO nice!!

Go ahead, sell my machines back in Nanaimo!!!

So, after that, we relaxed around the pool with our German friends, Maite & Werner. Now, I  know, at this point, most of you will likely call us bad names and shut your computers off, but I couldn't resist with the last few picutres of the day, starting with our friends, the pool (which we had all to ourselves, just the 4 of us) and finally our dinner at "Ray's Place" He is the owner here and also runs the restaurant out front of the property...remember, bury me here....PLEASE!!!!!

Our friends, Maite & Werner Hesse from Hamburg, Germany

So I will leave you with the final few photos from dinner. We don't go out very often, but this was worth it. Tomorrow night they have live music (and I saw a set of bongo drums there....) so I told Doug we HAD to come back!! Besides, Ray is our landlord right now (sorry Sue) and we have to support him, don't we??? Besides, he's Cuban so it should be fun!!!

Ray shows us some of the fresh specialties of the day....

Yup, and that is a wrap for the day!!!

As always, glad you came along with us for the day (but couldn't some of you helped push us through the sand on our bikes?? PLEASSEE!!??)

No Scrabble tonight. I told Doug that, with this hectic pace, we would have to play tomorrow during the day! Yes, I did manage to "go out for dinner" with NO makeup!!!!!


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  1. I am frankly very tired of hearing about all the lounging around you two do try to do something constructive would you! Way to go guys we think we will come with you next year and lay around with you.