Sunday, 4 March 2012

Morro Bay CA (Day 2)

Hi everyone - We are still hanging out in Morro Bay today. We are awaiting Euri's appointment at the shop. Day was spent pretty low key. This morning we drove over to the shop (5 miles away) to scope things out so we knew where we were going. After that, it was time to wash the road grime off Euri. Can't have him going into the shop grubby now, can we?? Went and got a few groceries. Got back here made lunch and pretty much did nothing but hang was GREAT!! We should have done this retiring thing way sooner!!

After, it was time for laundry. Of course, Doug had to do the dirty clothes carrying to the laundromat up the street!! As we were sitting there reading & waiting, I thought, this is STILL better than being at work!! Laundromat in S. California, sun is setting.........

Day is all done - G'night everyone!!

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  1. Hey you crazy kids! We are loving your daily posts. So happy that you are enjoying life. One of these days we just may figure it out!

    Take care and for goodness sake Nancy . ..... Beat Doug at Scrabble!