Monday, 5 March 2012

Morro Bay CA (Day 3)

Well, Euri is in the shop but seems that more problems with our beloved ride were uncovered. After nearly 240,000 kms, seems that "we" need a new power steering rack. Now, I am no mechanic or "knower" of anything in that department, but a power steering rack does seem important, doesn't it? Doug & I decided that it was important to have our "ride" done up properly and J.C. at Central Coast Autohaus is taking good care of us. I am all for "bling" but I guess the stuff underneath that no one sees is important too!! We did know coming down here for this kind of trip that we were possibly going to need things done, so this is it.....end of that story.

So, we have stayed on at the Breakers Motel in Morro Bay for an extra day. I believe Tuesday night we will be "camping" at the GoWesty parking lot, which, I understand, is done quite a bit. Things will be finished up there and we should be able to be on our merry way! We will advise where we will go to (possibly a camping site in Malibu!

Today we just enjoyed walking around town. An incredible fog bank rolled in around noon so that was cool to see. This afternonon we pretty much did nothing...and we liked it!

We will finish with our favorite....panorama shot of our corner of Morro Bay CA:

Well, our day here is pretty much a wrap. Thanks for tuning in, again. Things will get more fun soon!!

...almost tea time!!


  1. Awww..poor Euri, but soon he will be all healthy, happy and ready to roll...The pics are great but it's time for you to start wearing shorts and seeing lots of hot sunshine...btw it snowed here last night..Enjoy yourselves!

  2. Safety first ... even if it is an "ouch" moment for the wallet.