Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Wow!! We made it to our first destination! I am not sure why I seem so surprized by this. I guess it's because there has been a lots of planning and research (mostly by Doug) to get to this point, and it seems a bit surreal! First, here are some pictures at the Tecate crossing.It really couldn't have been easier. They were all really nice and very helpful.The nice chap in immigration was kind enough to come outside and take the pictures of Doug & I:

Once we were through with the border, we drove around a bit to find the Tecate plant. Unfortunately we weren't able to go on the tour as it didn't start for another 2 hours and we didn't realy want to wait around for that long. We were able, however, to go into the gardens and take some pictures (we asked):

After that it was off to find our next stop, the winery area. First though, here are a few glimpses of Mexican roads, we thought they were pretty good, but we have only just begun!! Sorry if some of them are a bit out of focus:

And Mex 3 took us right onto the "Wine Route", but some of the wineries were closed. You will also notice that many of the vines are just starting to grow. We stopped at L.A. Cetto Winery. Had a really nice fellow who was a big over generous with his pourings for us. Yes, we bought 4 bottles and it cost us $299 pesos (about $28):

From here it was only about 40 minutes into Ensenada. Nice drive, a bit of road work along the way, some of it popped up without much warning, but that is why you travel S-L-O-W and not at night!! Ensenada is a nice town but pretty busy. I believe it is about 400,000 people. The main highway takes you by the tourist area with a nice beach on one side, also cruise ship terminal (a big Carnival ship was in) and all the assorted shops along the way, there is even a Starbucks!!

We worked our way through the bay to area just outside Ensenada to a small RV spot called Centro Recretivo Mi Refugio. It is on a small bay/estuary. It is a nice little spot and, Alfredo, the owner, is really nice and welcoming ($150 pesos for each night) We will probably stay for 2 nights and then move. It was pretty windy when we arrived and it didn't go away for most of the evening. Each site has a tiny little palapa:

...and here are two of the three dogs that kinda run the place.

Tomorrow we will explore about. We may take a local bus up to La Bufadora. It is about 12 kms away. It is a blow hole in the rocks and when the tide surges up, it spurts and makes quite a noise. Doug also would like to drive back into Ensenada, so we may even "unhook" Euri and drive ourselves. Just a point of interest, the people staying next to us are on their way back from spending the last three months on the Baja and they are from Mill Bay (near Victoria BC). They are partically like our neighbours back home!!

And, just because I know you are all waiting for it now. Doug won again at Scrabble. I am not sure why this is happening. I do seem to have a fairly good grasp of the English language but he seems to get the brains when it comes to making words up!! Anyway, I thought I might have beaten him tonight as we were tied for quite a bit of the game, but then he zinged out a few 20+ point words on those pesky Triple Word tiles and smoked right past me!! Yes, I will perservere!!

Thanks, again for tuning in.
Nancy's days without makeup: 6
Scrabble wins: Doug 5 - Nancy  0


  1. ...we bought 4 bottles and it cost us $299 pesos (about $28)

    Actually, it's about $24.50 at current exchange rates.

    Great that you made it to Mexico!

  2. WELCOME TO MEXICO!! I'm sure you will enjoy your journey-adventure
    in this great country!

  3. Nancy, we know that you will beat Doug at Scrabble....someday. It is common knowledge that women have at least 5000 more words in their vocabulary than men. This is due to the fact that women spend more time talking then men!
    Danna says the big light is on!

  4. Hi Nancy, Looks like I found your blog just in time to travel along to Cabo. Hubby and I want to go to Bahia Concepcion when we retire in a few years so I'll be making notes on where to camp and what to see. Good luck with that scrabble game and I wish I looked that good without make-up!
    Grace & Steve (in Tucson)