Thursday, 8 March 2012

Malibu CA

Well, we made it to Malibu!! (...finally and yes there are amazing houses along this highway!!)
First to recap Tuesday and Wednesday. Sorry for not updating. On Tuesday, we spent the day walking around Los Osos after having checked out of our motel in Morro Bay, waiting for the various components to be installed. Now a plug for our new favorite auto repair folks, Central Coast Autohaus. JC, Mary  & Dan took superb care of us and made us feel very welcome in the shop. Mary took us back to our motel the first day and came back again on Tuesday to bring us back to the shop. Thanks again Mary!! JC stayed late on Tuesday night (8 :30 pm) doing the power steering rack install so we were ready for the fine folks over at GoWesty for the wheel alignment Wednesday morning. Thanks again, JC!! That, my friends is customer service and team work!! GoWesty has a GREAT bathroom with a shower for customers to use if they have to stay overnight. We really appreciated that! Thanks Ted, Lucas and everyone. Here is my friend, Elmo at Central Coast shop:

Most people won't notice the difference in Euri's look....Josh will though! We will have to get a little stool for Mom & Lacey!!

I am having trouble getting my pics of our campsite loaded here. I will send this much for now so everyone knows our status!!

We had a really nice drive down here. It was neat cruising through Santa Barbara, Ventura and now Malibu. Such places that we generally only read about. We will walk down the hill from our campsite and cross the highway to the beach (4 lanes...YIKES) and get some pictures there. I will try again tonight to send the pics. Not sure why these ones above took, but I guess it's a bonus.

When I read some blogs and travelling stories, they are always interesting but some times people don't want to share the "incidentals" and bumps that occur (Kevin and Ruth, you guys are always good at sharing these things and we REALLY appreciate it!!) . So, here's our list, just so everyone out there doesn't think we are just cruising along, without our share of bumps. Hopefully though, this is it for the bumps:
-Flat tire BEFORE evening leaving Canada,
-CV Boot repair BEFORE leaving Canada,
-Scheduled maintenance & equipment in Los Osos CA,
-Unexpected but necessary maintenance in Los Osos CA AND.......
-Nancy's BROKEN rear we will check out the Mexican dental system when we get to Cabo.
Anyway, this time I will say see you all later and have breakfast, overlooking the ocean,up the hill from Malibu!! 

We will talk again tonight!!



  1. Wow! That is all that I can say! We certainly hope that you have finished with the bad luck! Only good vibes going your way from now on!

    Have fun and keep a look out for famous people! lol!

  2. There are always bumps along the road. That's what makes life interesting...