Sunday, 25 March 2012

Mulege to Loreto

We left Mulege this morning about 10:30 am - astonishingly early for us (actually, we thought it was only 9:30 am so we really figured that we had gotten going in good time!) Luckily, we only had 2 hours or less to go! First, while we were filling up with gas just south of town, we noticed the big army truck with soldiers there. Now, about 5 of them were standing at the front of the Pemex pouring over the BIG Baja map on the wall. Now, just from an observor stand-point, shouldn't they actually KNOW where they are?? I mean, it kinda defeats the purpose if they have to look up their position on the big wall map doesn't it?? Not much further, about 20 minutes or so, there was a full on army checkpoint. Maybe they were looking for that!!??

First thing, we stopped about 20 kms south of Mulege to check out some of the true "beachside" camping. These spots were scattered along the Bahia Concepcion and are really pretty rustic. They would be great with a rig that had a bathroom, but alas, we don't! When they refer to "pit toilets" they are even more rustic and look as though they have been put together by debris that flies off the transport trucks. That's okay, we at least checked them out (not the toilets, the campsites!!) and some of the spots are really stunning. Many have palapas of some shape or form. Pretty much whoever gets them first, gets them. Some aren't in too swanky of condition. This first one is called Playa Santispac and if we were to go beach camping, this is the one we would have chosen. The sandy area is pretty hard packed and they actually had a rudimentary washroom building:

This next place below (Playa la Perla) had really rough palapas and only one beat up little Boler trailer and a lone dog. Super pretty, but I don't think either of us were too comfortable with staying there. Besides the toilet issue, there is no power (obviously) and no water. BUT....I am pretty sure the nice dog would have been more than happy to have us there! The first shot is the road into the camp. It was only about 1/2 mile long:

So after that we made the decision to keep on going into Loreto. This took about another hour or so. It's not too far, it's just the slow speeds that are posted that slow down travel time. We did have some goats dart out onto the road and a little further down the same road, another little pack was nearly at the road at a good trot, looking to cross. It's always interesting driving down here. Mostly because we are one of the FEW cars to actually travel the speed limit. I think we got passed by a blind man the other day, with Grandma working the pedals for him!!

Loreto seems to be quite a nice town. The camping area isn't the greatest, but we have actually had worse so we aren't complaining. It just isn't quite the oasis we were spoiled with the past 4 days (there are NO smells of orange blossoms here.....but we will enjoy our stay, nonetheless.There is, however, a rooster that thinks it's the morning........).  It is a bit like a KOA campground of old days. Here are just a few pictures to whet your appetites. More to follow tomorrow when we either walk or ride into town again,. Tonight we just did a quick walk around:

Notice our new little friend?

El Centro - Town Square

Like everywhere here, churches are always open for prayer or contemplation....

Well, considering that it was a driving day of sorts, that's lots of pictures, isn't it? (Cindy & Bruce, I am trying to get these posted quickly so you guys can go to bed!!) Hope you all like them. Tomorrow morning, Doug promises me that he will make pancakes! We will have more photos tomorrow night!

Thanks for coming along with us, as always, we feel your presence, although it's usually screaming at us, "....not that way, the OTHER way, haven't you read the map??!!"

Cheers and a special shout out to our Moms and kids, we love you all & miss you guys!!

...nope, no Scrabble tonight!


  1. Great pics! I am so jealous!! Enjoy your time

    1. Thanks Colleen! We sure wish you guys were here with us in your big-ass all fancy rig named Sunny!!

  2. Thanks for the tour of the campsites at Bahia Concepcion. That's where we will be headed one day. I'm really enjoying your blog.

  3. Grace: Really glad you are enjoying our adventures so much! Was that you in the back screaming at us yesterday??

  4. Miss you guys as well, but I am enjoying all your pictures and adventures everyday. It sure beats trying to find a place to put all the paint cans and what about the vacuum cleaner and what about the tools and what about all that sewing stuff. I long to sit in the sun with you two and have a freshly squeezed orange juice served by Doug.

    Love you lots

    The big light is on!