Monday, 26 March 2012

Loreto (Day 2)

So, as promised, it was pancake day today!!

After our gourmet breakfast, we headed out for our walk. Now, one thing I know for sure is this: if you have the distribution rights for brooms in Mexico, you will never have to worry that you will be out of work! YIKES!! They are sold everywhere! And, I finally figured it out. There is a substantial amount of dust, so everywhere you look, someone is either selling them, using them or looking for one!!

This morning Doug read about a hotel here in town that actually had a swimming pool on the roof. (don't worry, they probably have brooms too!) Well, when we were wandering around we happended into a hotel lobby to check it out because it was in this cool looking building: Guess what? It was the one with the swimming pool on the roof and you can see it through the roof of the lobby! There are HUGE wooden beams holding it in place (we hoped). Looks pretty neat!

Yes, the grid pattern you see on the ceiling pictures is really holding up the water!!

So, after contemplating just how many brooms, that would take to clean up in the event of a break, we carried on to enjoy more of the town:

That is one HUGE gecko over the doorway of this store!

Not to be disrespectful or anything, but right as we are walking along, right near the taqueria shop is the funeral store, showing off the latest, snazzy caskets, complete with plastic viewing chair. And, there was a competing shop just two doors away. Since something in the range of 95% of Mexican folks are Catholic, death, as much as life, is a very important thing.

Off to lunch.......

This is one of these really neat little restaurants, gravel floor and plastic walls that makes GREAT fish tacos! Doug was in heaven!!
Fish tacos for two, which is 6 in total, 2 beers & 1 ice tea, including tip, about $14

And, as luck would have it, an ice cream place right next door. These are great fresh frozen popsicles, with milk & fresh whole strawberries! Might have to have another one tomorrow!!

Really nice little malecon...

So, that was it for the day. We came back to our camping spot, did laundry and....hmmmm, I guess that's it. Oh, wait a minute, Doug had to walk down the block for more ice..... 

I will close with a photo of this guy. If you have ever been here, you will remember that these enterprising folks are always around the cities and towns, on loud speakers strapped to their cars, selling anything and everything, talking a mile a minute! I think he was selling brooms!

Hope you enjoyed the day with us! We have decided that we will stay an extra day here so won't be leaving until Wednesday now.

Remember, give your brooms a hug for us today!


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