Sunday, 11 March 2012

Lake Jennings (Day 3)

Well, apparently we LIKE this place! Here are a few photos:

Firstly, from last night Doug WON...again. Pitiful score on my part. But, there's always tonight's match to redeem myself!!

Even on the road, the finances & paperwork need tending to!

Back part of the campground.

So that's it. We walked and read and ate. That was the day. We had a reader, Bob, ask us if "time for tea" at the end of the post was short for "wine" as he always noticed wine bottles on our table, but it really is for green tea time in the evening! Thanks for asking Bob!

This park is managed by either park hosts or one of a few official rangers. One of them is named Pauline (yes, she even has a real badge!!). She is in her mid-70's and is here 40 hrs per week. She lives in the area and just loves her job. Shouldn't it always be like that for people? Just getting up and liking what you do? When she isn't busy checking people in, she is scooting around in the golf cart, helping clean bathrooms OR, my favorite, painting little lady bugs and flowers on rocks and placing them in strategic areas in the park. Now, that is a LOW stress type of job! She is a very happy lady and we can tell she has a very happy soul. Thanks Pauline! I will try and get a picture of her tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will move over to the Potrero Campround, about 30 miles from here (after a Walmart trip). We will stay there for a day or two before we cross into lovely Mexico. The campsite is about 4 miles from the Tecate border crossing.

Anyway, kettle has boiled and tea is calling (...cake too!) Thanks again for tuning in to our travels, although they weren't far today!

Nancy's days without makeup: 3
Scrabble wins: Doug: 2 - Nancy: 0

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  1. Glad you are enjoying life...Have fun!
    and Nancy I'm pulling for you in the scrabble tourney!