Saturday, 10 March 2012

Lake Jennings (Day 2)

What a great day. This is a superb spot. We awoke to brilliant sun and warm temperatures. We LOVE it!!

Not much on our agenda today but walking around the park. It is pretty big with lots of elevation changes. Spots are a tweenie bit close, but still, all in all, pretty sweet. We don't have anyone on one side of us. As you can see from today's photos, we have a great view. It looks like we are on the "edge" way up high, but really there are small hiking trails just beyond the pillars you see in our site.

Doug's photography handiwork!!

Doug getting things ready in the a.m.

My favorite saying..."Many people have eaten in my kitchen and gone on to
live perfectly normal lives" I like my kitchen!!

Doug planning the Mexico run...

Checking for emails...

Can you see Euri? Just to the right of what looks like the white front end of a trailer, with a white fence around the front. We walked over to the point that you see in the big picture just above this one.

Mr. Gourmet BBQ'ing chicken...

From us to you all. You gotta come here!! And yes, we finally figured out the self-timer!!

Evening shot on the other side of our hill, looking towards Lakeside town.

That's a wrap for today. We sure enjoyed doing NOTHING!! By now you know the next line....time for tea!!..... and a game of Scabble, which Doug won the other day so I am out for revenge!! (...and yes, he won that game by a lot!!!)



  1. You always say "time for tea", but all we ever see are bottles of wine!! Is that some kind of euphemism?
    What an amazing camping spot, by the way!

  2. Great Pictures - now I see the view from behind the wire cable fence. Look's great and wow & double woo the cactis (is that pural??) The farther south the more cactus and sunshine. Have a geat Sunday.

    Love S&L