Friday, 30 March 2012

La Paz to Los Barriles

Well, we had our breakfast at the hotel, packed Euri up and headed out. Before we go, here are a few more pictures in La Paz at the hotel & marina. I think yesterday's were a bit over-exposed, also, had to show you the cats that hang around and my AMAZING crab picture!!

I was about 20 feet away, with a 10x optical zoom, not bad when you look close!!

So, we headed off to see where the ferry terminal & Playa Tecolote are. They are about 1/2 hour from La Paz. Unfortunately, since we are not really "self-contained" it is hard for us to stay at places like Playa Tecolote. I think we could have done 1 overnight, maybe. There are a few palapa type restaurants, a rudimentary bathroom (, I think) and not much else. As pretty as a postcard!! And the water, it was almost warm when you put your feet in!! We have never felt that before! People just boondock down on the beach, a bit further right from where Doug was standing, but I believe there was only one camper there!

So, on the way back towards La Paz, we go by Pichilingue where the Baja Ferry terminal is. This is we will be getting the ferry to the mainland in a few weeks! Pretty swanky, huh?!

That's it. We drove about 2 hours to get to Los Barriles.We are at the East Cape RV Resort. I will show you the pictures tomorrow. The park is really nice. We have a bit of trouble with the electric at our site right now, so should be able to get it rectified tomorrow. We will start exploring then! Apparently, there is an art show at the local park on Sunday so we will check that out too. Oh, the other neat thing. We met some people here and the lady works at the local dentist office and says her dentist is amazing, so I may be able to get my tooth fixed (likely a crown) here. She figures it will cost about $300 US. (Thanks, Ted & Marleen, for checking for me. If this doesn't work out, I will be headed to your dentist down in San Jose del Cabo!!)

Anyway, here's from us to all of you:


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  1. Ah, I forgot that you don't have a bathroom. I guess that kind of limits your boondocking opportunities. Don't forget to check the TMC's much cheaper than Baja Ferries and you're allowed to stay in your camper.