Thursday, 29 March 2012

La Paz (Day 2)

How to start......Well first off, Happy Birthday to Josh (our son) who is a young 27 years old today!!

Breakfast here was amazing. Sat outside and enjoyed the sun. It was really interesting to see the cats here. Everywhere else it has been primarily dogs, but I guess the waterfront is best suited to the felines! After breakfast, we walked a bit more in the marina. It was so cool to stand and look at the water by the boats and see a little puffer fish swimming along. I mean, really? Does Dora know he is out of the tank??

We decided that instead of riding our bikes, we would walk. The malecon is 5 kms long so we walked it both ways, a whopping 10 kms, plus our sidetrips up and down the other streets! Good thing we wore comfy shoes! So, here we go, come along with us:

There were very few people out on the malecon... 

Sorry about all that blue!!

Down the pier, looking back at the malecon & town.

I think this is the original pier...

Here is our celebratory drink for Josh's birthday!! (Well, we had walked 5 kms already!!)

Santa Misa

Well, that about covers it for us and La Paz. It is really a nice town. After our walk, we went down and sat near the pool to do more planning on our next spot, camping of course, in Los Barriles. We are really looking forward to seeing it. Before we leave tomorrow, we will drive out to see Playa Tecolote then come back through town to stock up on food, etc. then hit the road.

This evening, we walked back out the malecon, about 10 minutes away, for fish tacos. Enough of this "high-life", it's time to be back to our real mission of exploring Mexico in our trusty VW Westfalia, Euri!!

Just a few closing pictures:

You knew it had to come, sooner or later.....brooms!!

My favorite palapa shot, saved for last for you all!!

Just in case anyone out there is wondering, still no makeup, 21 days now!!


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