Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Guerrero Negro to Santa Rosalia

Doug really wanted a picture with Bimbo this morning!

We got ready to go, after a quick mechanical inspection of Euri. While Doug took care of the van, I snuck out to get a few more photos of Malarrimos RV Park (and restaurant & hotel). Maite and Werner Hesse from Hamburg, Germany (the couple we met in Ensenada) were also there. It was nice to see them again! You can see them parked beside us here:

We were parked out behind the main building.

We left today at our usual late time of about 11:15 am. We are habitually late "getter uppers and goers" It didn't take long to see sand dunes and cacti again as we headed towards San Ignacio.
Military inspection post.
Driving into the beautiful town of San Ignacio

There is so much history here. The church, mission church of San Ignacio, has walls that are 4 feet thick. Church was started around 1760 and finished about 1786. It is so amazing. I always wonder, who else has stood in these spots? Enjoy the pictures of the church and the pictures of the town square:

Doug sneaking up the side of the belltower!

Town square

We drove about 25 miles on the way to Santa Rosalia and you cross through an interesting valley where there are three volcano cones, called Las Tres Virgines, so you are driving acorss lava fields. Unfortunately, you can only see one of the peaks, but, trust me, the others are behind this one:

Yup there are loose cows on the road, no lie!!

...and no, there isn't much room!!

Then we were almost in Santa Rosalia, but first we had to traverse the Cuesta del Infierno loosely translated as the "Grade to hell", they weren't kidding!! Here are a few shots of the last few miles into Santa Rosalia. Notice we FINALLY have blue skies:

Now, as far as Santa Rosalia is concerned, it is  real working/mining type of town. The area that you drive into isn't so nice but it is right on the seaside. It is a gale force wind tonight and we decided to treat ourselves to a night in a hotel. We are staying at the El Morro Hotel. It is nice and comfy. We have so much room that we don't know what to do!! There are TWO beds in here! The hotel is a bit worn and tired, but seems nice for the evening. No restaurant, so dinner is shown below:

Notice the wind on the palms?

Yup, dinner of champions!!

No Scrabble tonight. We will go into town and see the church built by A.G. Eiffel and the french bakery that is here in the morning. There are a lot of wooden buildings. The wood was brought in from the Pacific Northwest, very unusual for Mexico!
Anyway, there it is for today. We drove lots, again. We will set our sights on a better place for tomorrow and keep you all posted. At least we are seeing sun now. If we could just get rid of the wind and warm up a bit!!!!!


  1. Doug pictured with a Bimbo, I had to tie my fingers together and bite my tongue as that was too easy a line to miss out on.
    Yup 38 days to go but who is counting. You guys ran over a snake and I was using one tonight to clear a plugged kitchen drain. Boy is my life exciting or what.
    We almost feel that we are traveling with you when we look at your pictures. Keep enjoying yourselves in the sunshine.
    The bright light is with you!