Thursday, 15 March 2012

Ensenada (Day 2)

Great day today. First, we talked more with the people that were parked next door here to us. Carol & Gareth (from Mill Bay BC). Very nice people and they gave us some really good tips about their favourite places on the Baja.

Funny story, when we were packing to leave on this trip, Doug & I were going through everything we had in the VW. Since space is at a premium in this fine machine, we really had to be brutal with what could come and what had to stay. Well, one of the "stays" that I chose was the heater. Now, of course, since we were going to Mexico it would be warm and we wouldn't need the heater.,right? Boy was I wrong!!! (remember the previous post from Potrero where is was only 3 degrees Celsius??) Well, it turns out that Carol & Gareth had the EXACT same little heater (along bit a bigger one) so they lent their little one to us. Now, we will have heat, as long as we have power. Of course, we don't need it except on those rare ocassions when it dips to nearly freezing! Thanks Carol & Gareth and we will see you back "on the rock" sometime in June!! (yes....Doug was right and yes, Greg & Allan, it was the same heater that came with Euri!)

First, let's get ready to go, Mexico style, Doug shaving under our little palapa!

Anyway, today we went back into Ensenada. Stopped at the Costco and looked around a bit and also at the Telcel store and got ourselves set up with a 5 GB-30 day internet stick. We will see how it goes and how quickly we use it up. Will be nice to have reliable internet as we go, but we aren't expecting miracles!

Next was a trip up to La Bufadora. It is about 12 kms from where we are staying on the same road. It is a "blowhole" in the rocks and the tide rushes in and the water spurts up and out the hole and really does make an interesting sound. I believe the name means, loosely translated "buffalo snort" and that is what is sounds like. Pretty cool. Check out these pictures:

Of course, the typical "market" at La Bufadora

I thought this was a funny little abondonded building just near the town!!

Our greeting committee when we arrived back at camp!

Once we were back here, a really cool motorhome pulled in from Hamburg, GERMANY!! Maite and Werner Hess. They had this little beauty shipped over and have been everywhere in it. They want to go down to Guatemala & Belize. They will have it shipped back to Germany from Halifax in October. Now, that is travelling!!! We could learn many things from them!! 

Makes Euri look pretty small!!

So, tommorrow we will leave from here and head south to San Quitin. It is about 185 kms south of here so should be an easy day's drive (but more than we really want to do!) We got some good tips from Carol & Gareth so we will check out things there. It's gotten a bit late so we will Scrabble tomorrow!

Thanks everyone. Hope you enjoyed today's pictures!!
Doug & Nancy


Nancy's days without makeup: 7
Scrabble wins (still standing from last night): Doug 5 - Nancy 0 


  1. We have some of those exact same pictures from when we first crossed into Mexico in December of 2007.

  2. The pictures look great and it seems that you are meeting lots of great people. Keep the pictures and stories coming we both look forward to them

    Love Susann & Lacey