Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Loreto to Ciudad Constitucion

So, stick with us and you will see how our plans can change. We decided to leave Loreto. We got a good tip on another location just south of La Paz, Los Barriles. Apparently there is a really nice park, East Cape RV Park. So, new plan is: we are just here for an overnight stop and then we move to La Paz for Wed, Thurs & Fri nights. After that we will stay in Los Bariles for the Easter week. Sounds like a gorgeous spot. We may even take some pictures to show everyone!

Anyway, here's our drive. First, we stopped for some purified water. Boy, was this place fancy. The guys even had masks on!

That's our water jug, being washed out and made sure it is worthy for the purified water.

About 10 minutes from town, there is another development called Nopolo. It is part of the Fonatur plan that the Mexican government tried to implement, part of a tourism plan. They started to build an amazing infrastucture around Loreto, to try and turn it into a Cancun type of area. Seems that "they built it....only the people never really came". There are some nice areas, but lots of abandoned areas too.

Then there are some really nice little spots, near a golf course and new hotel. We did see one sign advertising condo's for sale - $249,000 US!! Wow, pretty expensive, so we are not sure how much for these little duplexes. They were pretty cute though!

Same thing further down the road at Puerto Escondido where they put in a really nice marina, but nothing else showed up.

After this little explore, it was off to head over the Sierra de la Giganta, a really big mountain range that would eventually drop us down into the farming community area of Ciudad Constitucion. It was about 1.5 hour drive across. First, one more glimpse of the Sea of Cortez:

It is pretty much impossible to really show the expanse of this mountain range, but here it is:

Soon we arrived at Misiones RV Park in Ciudad Constitucion. It is pretty much just dirt where you park, but they have done a really nice job of the pool area. First, let's get set up, check emails, fill up the fresh, drinking water that we bought in Loreto before we left and then walk the 50 feet to the pool, with our beverages, of course!!

Anyone out there from Doug's company, M.A Stewart, please show this to Dan Hardy so he knows we are still advertising for Kitz Valves!

Nice central palapa area for everyone to use.

...and, just so you don't think it's PERFECT here, this is a shot of the bathroom, but they are clean and very useable:

We met this gentleman, David, from San Francisco. He is travelling alone with his Great Dane, named Likely, after the BC town near Williams Lake. This dog is huge and very gentle. They were also at the last campsite we were at in Loreto!

This is a shot of the palapa area where we are all sitting, working on our computers! Modern camping!

So that is it for the day. We will get up and be heading for La Paz. Should be a fun day!

Thanks for hitching a ride with us, but Doug wants to know if someone could take over driving once in awhile (besides me!!)


  1. Anytime you see something in Mexico that's advertised in U.S. dollars, you know it's way overpriced.

    Have fun in La Paz. Make sure you go free beach camping for a night or two at Tecalote.

  2. Hey Nancy & Doug,

    Just read your whole blog over the last 2 days on my lunch and now at home.....love it!! Really love seeing all the photos and how much fun you guys are having.....no makeup, you are so brave Nancy!! :) Keep the post coming, I love "traveling" with you!!
    XOXOX Bobbi Jo