Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Ciudad Constitucion to La Paz

Had a great drive to La Paz. Still amazing how MUCH there is to the Baja. Everyone we have met has been helpful, kind and straightforward. We appreciate that, for sure. One thing we know, our Spanish SUCKS!!!! When the young fellow in the Pemex is trying to teach you Spanish, you definitely feel humbled!! Again, we appreciate all the help we are getting and promise to do better next time!! Here are the first shots of the morning. We awoke to cloud and fog this a.m., but by the time we got up and got to Ciudad Constitucion for coffee and a van wash,, it had cleared up:

Logo look familiar??

This young gentleman earned his money washing Euri!!

So off we went, through MORE of the Baja. Again, we never really thought about how very vast and amazing this part of the country was.  We went through a Federal Police check-point just before we got to La Paz. The officer was careful to explain who they were and that they were just checking in with travellers. He was very polite and sent us right on our way. Thanks for keeping us all safe!! Here is some of the drive:

...for my trucking friends, super nice trucks here!

Yup, there REALLY are topes, lots of them!! 

So, here is the part where we suck....we looked at the campsite in La Paz (one of very few)and decided to switch gears and treat ourselves to a hotel for two nights. When you check Expedia first and then show up at a hotel, the rate is sometimes okay. We are at the Hotel Marina for the next two nights. We figured that after 3 weeks of set up and tear down in the VW, we would actually have a regular sized bed. Boy, does it seem big! (...and we aren't counting the one room in Santa Rosalia, during the gale force wind, with the one minute hot water shower either, just in case anyone is counting!!) So, for $71 US per night including full breakfast at the restaurant on the pier, we figured what the heck!! Plus the nice porter, Alfredo put our bikes in the lock-up and will have our bikes ready for us in ther morning when we are ready! 

Here are a few pictures of the place. Just to keep it in perspective, we can hear the disco downsairs pounding and we figure that it will go on til 1 am or so, but we don't care. Again, the room is a bit worn but the grounds are really pretty and tomorrow we will ride into town on the bikes and do some poking around. Thanks for understanding!

View from our door, no balcony for this rate, but nice outside walkway!

...but still pretty nice!

...dinner of champions!

So, with the disco pounding below, we will retire for the evening. I believe if we had a wee bit bigger rig, we would probably not need the ocasional break from the set-up and tear down routine, but we LOVE our Euri so we just sometimes need to change it up a bit. We are looking forward to seeing La Paz tomorrow on the bikes. Should have lots of pictures for you.


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  1. Enjoy your break! Love the are doing a great job of those one handed pics of both of you!