Sunday, 18 March 2012

Catavina to Guerrero Negro

Oh my gosh - did it ever pelt rain and sand last night! Oh, and did I mention the WIND?? It never changed from the time we arrived in Catavina til we left at 7:45 am this morning!! Check out that time!! We actually were up and out of there early! Never even made coffee, just hit the road. It was a very quiet place (other than the weather). The pictures from yesterday look pretty desolate. There is someone who lives on the site and there were 6 other campers (even another VW Westie back in the trees) so we weren't as alone as it shows, but still, pretty small place! 

Pretty desolate countryside.

As we wove our way through this countryside, we saw almost no other cars. Ocassionally, one would pass us (that's because we were the ONLY ones going the speed limit!) but not much traffic. We came around one corner and there were quite a few rocks on the other side of the road, just as a big passener bus arrived. The driver got out and started clearing them off the road by hand!

After about 1 hour of driving, we once again saw more boulders, huge mountains of them, only this time it was like God said, "okay guys, let's pile them up over....there":

Again, this looks small, but if we parked the van anywhere close, you wouldn't even see it!!

When we came around the corner, this area looked like something out of a
science fiction movie!

We turned off the Mex1 highway and headed for Bahia de los Angeles. It took about 1.5 hours (at the posted speed) to get there. It was a quaint town but we could not seem to escape the howling wind and cold temperatures so we drove around and made the decision to move along to Guerrero Negro. But here are the few pictures that we took on the road in and out. Super red soil. Still a neat area and cool to see the Sea of Cortez. Too bad the skies were totally socked in and grey, with more rain coming:

Picture of boat launch in Bahia de los Angeles

View from our lunch spot after getting back onto the Mex1 southbound!

Just after getting back onto the road from our lunch, we had a Green Angel truck pass us. They actually slowed down because we were still just coming out of the pull off area, guess they wanted to ensure that we didn't need any help. The Mexican Government has a program where trucks are out on the highway at different points of the day, checking on motorists with mechanical or other difficulties. They are easy to spot as they are white with green marking on them. Nice to see them out there!

Back on the road to Guerrero Negro we arrived at the border for north and south Baja at about 1:45 pm. They do check to see that you are not bringing in any fruits or veggies that they deem incorrect for this area. We lost 2 potatoes and 2 apples (from the US) but they are just doing their jobs. They were very polite. We also had to pass over a fumigation grid. This is coming up to the check-point:

We got to Malarrimo RV Park at about 2 pm and are parked safe and sound. We treated ourselves to a delicious dinner and coffee and are now tucked in for the next two nights. Here is our current home, away from home:

Parked out behind the restaurant in the nice little RV park people next to us are from
North Vancouver!

We have learned that there are over 2700 grey whales in the bay this year. We will be going out to see them on a whale expedition tomorrow. We don't normally do things like this but we thought this was something we likely would not do ever again. Should be really neat. Stay tuned for tomorrow's pictures!

So I sit here and surmise about the past few days, travelling Mexico's highways. We have been through lots of military checkpoints, killed one very large snake that chose to cross the highway right when we were going by, seen a pack of burrows on the road and I have not gone more than about 20 minutes with the Mike & Terry Church's Travel Baja book in my lap. It's been fun - now, if we could only get some SUN!!!!!!!

Bit late for Scrabble for tonight. Catch up tomorrow!!

Glad you were all with us in spirit! Our congrats to our friends Al & Colleen for the purchase of their new motorhome!! 

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  1. Awww, you mentioned us in your blog!

    Have fun watching whales! and keep hunting for that sunshine!