Friday, 13 January 2012

Westwood Lake

More exploring in our new hometown! What a great walk around Westwood Lake. It is a great 6 km walk, some ups and downs but mostly at lake level. Can't tell you how much we enjoy getting out and exploring things!! The day wasn't exactly sunny, but not bad. Once you are in the trails of this great Pacific Coast rainforest, it doesn't really matter! ......Everyone get out for a walk this weekend, okay??!!
This shows just how big this place is. Above, this is just at the start of our walk and you go all the way around this lake. I think this is a man-made lake. There are a ton of snags in it. At the end of the walk, we did see a sign that said "Cougar spotted in area"!! YIKES!!!


"Cherish"...that is what these stones say.Someone painted them and then dropped them into the lake. There is a butterfly stone before the "S". Pretty neat. that is what we did with our day...cherished it!!

Right back at you, all our friends!! 

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