Monday, 23 January 2012

More Visits!

Teagan & Shawn braved the crazy bad weather for a trip out to the "Wet Coast" ... a.k.a. the "Snowy Coast" Thankfully, their drive was uneventful! They booked their trip to coincide with a work schedule for Shawn and to see us before we left for our trip. With our changes coming a bit late, they didn't have time to change plans, so they came anyway. We were very glad!! AND...Happy Birthday to Doug on Jan 22nd!!

Can you see Shawn in the tree??


  1. Why does Doug constantly wear the yellow coat?

  2. Hi there - who are you? Yellow coat is the "winter coat" for up here in cold Canada

    1. It's not really cold in B.C. just now, I am not fooled by Doug leaning on a shovel... But we miss Doug here anyway.