Sunday, 21 August 2016

Sunny Days my friends, sunny days!!

Gosh, that sounds familiar, doesn't it??  Anyway, I just love summer so it fits! Hope everyone has had a great week. Here's how our weekend went down:

Friday night found us on our patio with our great friends, Bruce & Cindy. Some sangria, appies then we walked down to the beach and out for dinner. Such a nice evening. We thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Always lots of laughs and great stories with these two in the house. Thanks guys!!

Saturday we had some plans and then they were changed. Instead, we ran errands and then ended up hanging out at home. Got a few jobs accomplished so that's always good. Oh, plus enjoyed some more sangria on the deck. Gotta love that!

Sunday we headed into the VW Show that Doug's company is a part of. It is held at Concord Place in downtown Vancouver. It's a very nice setting and we enjoyed walking around there with our buddies, Danna & Bob. The theme of the weekend seemed to be hanging out with some of our favourite people. More good laughs and stories. Shared some tasty snacks on their patio afterwards and then headed home. Hanging out here now, that's all!

Whenever we are at this show, it makes me really miss Euri but we know he is out there having new adventures with someone else. In our hearts, we will ALWAYS be VW bus people. After all, we have had three of them! Plus we still have Felix the Beetle!!

Check out some of the cool VW's at the show:

This one is cool. Let's see who's driving it.....

Maybe this guy has been driving a bit too long. This is how
we felt, at times, driving back from Mexico in the heat!!!

Even the parrot is a skeleton!

Great setting in downtown Vancouver. First time we have seen clouds in a week!

Maybe one of my favourites......

Or this VW Thing could be my pick.....

My favourite peeps always indulge me with one more kooky foot picture. To be fair, I took another one when Danna noticed that this wheel had the VW logo upright.
Very observant buddy.....I have taught you well!!!!!

Since I was born in 1958 (yes, all you math wizards, that makes me 58 years old!!)
I thought this logo was neat. No other reason! 

The only time Danna and I look to be the same height!!

All kinds of characters at these things. Check out
the dog in the sidecar! (with goggles on, no less!) 

And Gus has a bus named after him. Yes, I am saving my money to
purchase this bus from the owner for him.....
And that, friends, is a wrap. Busy but fun weekend. We really, really enjoy the sunshine and heat for sure!
Thought for the Day: We'll let Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Woodstock tell it best:
 Credit goes to Nova Scotia friends, Paula & Jerry, for sending this onto me.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Wow - Where have you all been?

Oops, sorry.......that's where have I been????

Oh, just hanging out, working, etc. I have to admit, being retired was W-A-Y more fun and left me W-A-Y more time for blog postings! I just have to get a bit better with my "at home" time management.

Here's a compilation of what we have been up to. Let's see, when I left you last it was the finish of the Tour de White Rock (July 18th). Sheesh!!

Caught one of White Rock's Concert series at the pier on July 23rd
Washboard Union - Vancouver band and very good!!
Bike ride and picnic at Crescent Beach
July 25th - great way to spend a Monday after work!

Dog pile on Dad......

Dog pile on Grandma....

And a bit of drool on Grandma too.....

Playing ball with Mom....
Then there was beach day with Grandma - July 26th

Oh don't worry, he was totally soaked before we left!!!
Rudy update!!! End of July and our little boy is really growing!!
July 28th and it was time to wish our beautiful daughter and new Mommy, Teagan
 a very Happy Birthday. What a great way to celebrate with Rudy & Shawn!!
We Love You!!!!
Overnight campout at Kathy's parents place. What fun that was!!!
July 31st......
While we were overnighting it in the back yard, Doug and his brother Don were visiting with his Mom and family in Alberta on the long weekend.
Looking good Mom/Helen!!
One of Doug's and my favourite new  breakfast spots, CafĂ© 8....
Meanwhile my Mom and I hit the White Rock Farmer's Market. Voted one of the best in 2015 for "Large Markets".....we love it!

Love the local fruit and veggies....
I know, you've all seen tomatoes before.....but it's my blog!!

Will from Totally Screwed Furniture. Check out his site.
We got our living room coffee table from him, custom made for our small place.
Hard to tell but it is distressed old barn boards, with some orange and bright green on it.

This long weekend, Mom was my Farmer's Market buddy....

Soon we will find ourselves in August. There really hasn't been a great "summer weather" stretch yet. We are all still waiting, waiting.....

Catch up the rest later!!!


Thought for the Day: The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Tour de White Rock

After some grey clouds in the morning on Saturday, it turned out to be quite a beautiful afternoon and evening.

After visiting with Al & Colleen in the morning. It is always great to see them......we enjoyed the Tour de White Rock. This community has hosted a great bike race for 37 years. Lots to see and enjoy. A lot of people were in attendance and a few interesting bands were playing afterwards.

This is how we train for the bike race....

Some of these guys were like "back markers" and were told to move over when the fast racers were coming up behind them. Guess each lap some of them were eliminated as they were at the back. That's why you see some of them up on the sidewalk and out of the way. We did hear that some of these racers (in the women's race too) were from as far away as Australia. I don't know much about this type of bike racing but we will certainly watch more of it next year. Especially since it occurs about 1/2 block from our place!!

These were the ones racing for all the glory.....

Off Roper and onto Johnston Road.....

Tonight, the band stage was at Five Corners.
It was part of the White Rock "Concert at the Pier" series.
For some reason (probably because they wanted to capitalize on the
crowds up here) it wasn't at the pier....weird, I know!! 
Sunday we enjoyed an evening with our great friends, Bob & Danna in New Westminster. Always great hanging around on their deck, overlooking the mighty Fraser River. Even managed to grab a walk down to the park and back......

 As always, wine and good conversation were front and centre....
That's it for the weekend, boy do they ever fly by fast. And just because none of you have asked for it, here is the grandson update..... 
Gus, all decked out trying out the BMX track....
Sheesh, where has the time gone??
Could it be that soon he will be ready for the Tour de White Rock???

Jasper is dreaming of being big enough to be OUT on the track with Gus!!
Our beautiful little Rudy is just at that age where he is learning to smile!!
Good grief we are lucky.......Have a good week everyone!
Thought for the Day: The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply.