Sunday, 20 January 2019

Alaska Cruise Part 4 Final

So, that took us through the three towns of our cruise, Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway. All small Alaska towns that have been transformed by the cruise ship industry. Rightly or wrongly, it is what it is. We did notice that the souvenirs are pretty much the same from one spot to another but many people make a living because of those big ships coming and going. To each his own.

Our last days were spent cruising and enjoying H-U-G-E glaciers that come right down to the water edge "tidal glaciers". One of the bays was "College Fjord"  which in this one huge bay has a glacier named after each major university/college, except Princeton for some reason. Not sure why.

The first area we stopped in was Johns Hopkins Glacier, a 12-mile long glacier located in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. You have to have a permit to even enter these waters (which obviously the ships have). There are actually "ranger boats" out there watching and observing everyone. I like the fact that they take care of things.  Again, lots of pictures. They cannot, in anyway, do justice to the magnificent nature of what you see. Absolutely incredible and we are so very lucky to have seen them under such incredible conditions......see for yourself:

I won't even pretend to remember the names of everything. This was a 7 day Alaska cruise, 3 cities, cruising one way. We flew back to Vancouver via Seattle.

Big, big sister, Susann... 
(I just love to call her that cuz she's the oldest in the family!)

John Hopkins Glacier
Notice the little "spec" in front? That's the ranger boat.....
Probably a 30 or 40 foot boat. Just an economy of scale for you.

Another huge cruise ship is allowed in with us.
Honestly, notice the Caribbean colour of the water??

Morning Ceasars.....

You can just see the edge of the churned up silt in the water from the ship.

Still playing family shuffleboard.....serious contemplation going on.
We are fairly serious.....

However, Martin found it a tad chilly!!

Back inside to watch a show. These hands of my Mom's. 
They have guided us all through life with love and wisdom....
probably some spankings that we deserved as well......Ha ha.

Brother Mark....okay, it isn't THAT warm. 
(You can let your breath out now....)

Theme of the cruise it seems......

My immediate family. Nancy, Susann, Mark, Julie & Mom.

Our favourite band of "outlaws". Doug, Mom, Carmen & Martin.

I believe this is the Mendenhall Glacier. It so huge, we could hardly get it in the shot. Right at the end of College Fjord. The ship sits here and turns slowly so that everyone has a chance to see it. Unbelievable....... 

Last dinner with our great dinner waiters/friends.....
Thanks to them all for being part of this incredible journey, every evening.

Good morning from Whittier AK.

Our lovely home for the past week.

Once we disembarked in Whittier, there were buses that took us up to the Anchorage airport. Very organized and efficient. From there we flew to Seattle and then home to Vancouver. It was a long day but all the connections went well.

Thank you, Alaska, for allowing us to see just the most minute snippet of all you are. We know there is SO much more to see. Thanks to our Mom, Nadyne, for the opportunity to spend this time together and to get to see one of her favourite cruises. We had an amazing journey!!!


Thought for the Day: Figure out who you are and then do it on purpose.

Monday, 24 December 2018

Alaska Cruise Part 3

So.........Welcome to Skagway!!

Again, cute little Alaska town. A little weird when you are one of five cruise ships to descend at one time. We spoke with a small shop owner who told us that there are actually about 600 residents. Of those 600 people, about 400 of them leave after the cruise ship industry closes for the season. That leaves 200 of them in the town. This young fellow told us he walks dogs (....which I thought was funny. I mean, who in this town doesn't have time to walk their own dog???), makes guitars and cuts medical marijuana. Very interesting fellow.

Enjoy the "regular pictures". We had some fun, walking back and forth between the ship and the town. Doug and I will someday bring a motorhome up here. While sitting at the pub (I know, it's all we do) quite a few drove past us on their way into and out of town.

And we are off......

I actually contemplated asking if this moose head was for sale.
Can you imagine Doug's face when I brought this back to the ship????

Those little apples better hurry up. There isn't 
much of a growing season here!!

Pub lunch with the girls.....

Just a little 'ship"

Me and my "big sister", Julie. Yes, it looks like my eyes are closed
but it was so crazy sunny. (They aren't actually if you look close!!)

Red Onion visit....crazy place. 

Okay, seriously????

One last stop at the famous Red Onion Brothel and Saloon

Julie and Martin.
Again, look at our clothing choices. Shorts and tank 
tops in Alaska in September?!

Okay, there will be one more installment in this epic adventure. Stay tuned.

Peace out.....

Thought for the DayGreat things never came from comfort zones.

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Alaska Cruise Part 2

Welcome to Juneau......

Crazy, this cruising thing. Going to bed in one place and waking up in another. We just wish we could have seen all the beautiful scenery gliding past us. Once it's dark, it's REALLY dark and you see nothing in the wilds of Alaska!!

Other than Doug going on the Salmon fishing trip with my Mom and brother, we planned no "tours" We preferred to just wander about town. It is a bit hard to wander with so many others around. We just smile and enjoy. 

Shake a leg  it's Juneau time!! Come on........

Opened the curtains and this is what we saw.....

Mom and Mark heading out with us for a walk....

Fish processing plant. Good to see that there is actually
something other than cruise ships that use these docks.

Okay, I just like the sign. It made me laugh all day....

That's the Star Princess, the middle ship. Just a wee little thing!

Carmen, Doug & Nancy 

We took a little tour in an old wooden trolley bus. Although it wasn't really a "tour" arranged through the cruise lines, we just went on our own. 
I think it cost us about $20 US each so it wasn't too expensive.

Beautiful hump back whale statue/fountain. Loved it.

Famous Red Dog Saloon. My Mom loves this place!! Probably due partly because 
we (Doug and I) had Scottish Terriers for about 20 years and if you look, 
that is the dog on the logo.

Quite the crazy saloon. See the bear climbing up the centre pole?


To these two guys as well!

Love the drink names.....

Doug liked the logo on this crab shack.
Look closely below: 

She has beautiful crab legs!!

Just starting to pull out.

Thanks Juneau - what a beautiful little town,
and it's the capital of Alaska!!

Another round of family Shuffleboard....
notice all the shorts?

The end of another gorgeous Alaska day. See, what did I tell you.....pretty much nothing but sunshine and blue skies. Very, very unusual for this time of year

We really are so, so fortunate to have this experience with my Mom, aren't we?

Peace - see you in Skagway...... 

Thought for the DayYou're off to great places, Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way....Dr. Seuss